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My Toilet Won’t Flush!: A Guide to Common Causes and Fixes

my toilet won't flush

Did you know that in one year, you’ll flush a toilet an average of 1,825 times?

If you recently went to flush your toilet and you’ve discovered that your toilet won’t flush, you’re likely looking for a solution to fix this inconvenient problem. Learning about the common causes that will cause your toilet not to flush and the solutions can help you save the trouble living without a working toilet.

Are you wondering, “why my toilet won’t flush?” We’ve created this quick guide to help you get a better understanding of the most common reasons why your toilet isn’t flushing. Keep reading to learn more!

Double Check Your Tank

The first step that you should take is to double-check your tank to make sure there’s enough water. If there isn’t enough water in your tank, it can create a weak flush that won’t empty the toilet bowl.

When you go to flush your toilet, you’re moving water inside of the tank into the bowl of the toilet. As water is released from the tank into the bowl of the toilet, suction is used for flushing the toilet entirely.

However, if there isn’t enough water inside the tank, there isn’t as much suction to flush the toilet entirely. Take a peek inside your toilet tank to make sure that your tank’s current water level is where the manufacturer recommended it is. You can identify the manufacturer’s suggested water level by identifying a mark inside of the tank.

If you’re finding that your water levels inside of the tank aren’t rising enough, you’ll have to adjust this. This can be done by manually bending the float arm upwards.

Flapper Malfunction

When there is a development in the flapper improperly functioning, this can also create a weak flush.

You can identify the flapper in your toilet bowl by finding a cup-shaped item at the bottom of the Tank on your toilet. The flapper is responsible for keeping the drain that leads to the toilet bowl covered up. When you pull on your toilet handle, a chain will lift, causing the flapper to move upwards.

If the flapper on your toilet has become damaged, it means that the water and the tank are constantly leaking into the toilet bowl. This can make it difficult for you to flush your toilet because there likely isn’t enough water in the tank to flush your toilet properly.

Clogged Toilet

Another common reason why your toilet won’t flush is because of a clogged toilet. Double-check to make sure the water valve is completely turned on at leading it to your toilet. If your water valve is wide open and your toilet still won’t flush, it likely means that you’re dealing with a clogged toilet.

You’ll want to use a plunger by placing the plunger directly for the top of the toilet’s drain opening. Pump hard on the plunger for a few seconds to force the clog to clear from the pipes.

My Toilet Won’t Flush: Finding Solutions to Your Problem

Thankfully, understanding the common causes of why your toilet won’t flush and how to fix them can be easy. Keeping on top of probably cleaning and maintaining your toilet will help to reduce significantly the likelihood of you running into this problem again.

Have you tried these solutions and are still wondering, “why my toilet won’t flush?” You need the help of a professional plumber. Click here to contact us today to learn how we can help fix your plumbing problem.

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