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Our Story

WaterWork Plumbing was founded by David Foltz in 2008. David skipped the traditional route of going to college and straight into working in the trades industry. The hands on experience from reputable skilled trades including, waterproofing, plumbing, and more set David up to venture off into starting WaterWork Plumbing and eventually, managing a team of over 20 employees.

David’s work ethic and gratefulness to those who had given him a chance to learn and work in the trades industry are pillars of WaterWork’s team culture. To David, it’s not just about finding a job in the trades. It’s about learning how to be self-sufficient, loving what you do, and building a career based on being proud of the work that you have accomplished.

What It’s Like To Work at WaterWork Plumbing

WaterWork Plumbing’s work environment is centered around teamwork. We help our team members learn everything there is you need to know about plumbing. We’ve helped apprentices with absolutely no experience earn their plumbing license and achieve their financial goals without ever stepping foot into a college classroom. We aren’t against higher education, but we also know that it is not for everyone.

Seeing our employees grow their skills at our company is just as important to us as providing top-quality service to our customers. We give our employees everything they need to become at an expert at their craft – polished uniforms, fully stocked trucks, and the proper on-the-job and off-the-job training needed to operate at the level of a Master Plumber.

Work-Life Balance
Spend more time with your family and less time in the field.
Competitive Pay
We pay our plumbing team some of the highest rates in Michigan.
Full Benefits Package
Get insurance and benefits for you and your whole family.

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“Plumbing is our passion”

“We’re looking for passionate individuals who have a knack for the trades and want to have a healthy work-life balance to join our team. Whether customer service is your strength, or, if you are someone interested in starting a new career in the plumbing industry, I encourage you to apply today.”

-David Foltz, Founder of WaterWork Plumbing