Picture it: you’re all done in the bathroom, and when you reach for the handle… nothing happens. What’s worse: a clogged toilet or a leak? Is there anything more exasperating? Fortunately, when your trusty toilet starts betraying you, licensed plumbers in Sterling Heights, MI are ready to help. Say goodbye to your toilet woes once and for all.

Handling Regular Toilet Mishaps

Let’s be honest, not all toilet-related problems require full-scale intervention. Some issues, such as a loose chain disconnecting the lever, can be resolved with a quick peek inside the toilet tank.

Decoding Your Toilet Problems

When you find yourself with a clogged toilet in Sterling Heights, Michigan, your first instinct might be to reach for a plunger. However, it’s important to understand that some problems may require more than a DIY solution.

When to Request Professional Intervention

Complex issues like a leaking toilet in Sterling Heights, Michigan, may require you to replace certain parts. How ready are you to tackle such problems? Without the right tools or parts, you could inadvertently cause further damage.

The Ideal Toilet Repair and Replacement Specialist

Choosing the right toilet repair in Sterling Heights, Michigan professional is key, whether you’re dealing with a minor issue or need a complete toilet replacement. With years of experience serving both residential and commercial customers, WaterWork Plumbing has consistently provided top-notch service.

Experience Professionalism and Efficiency

We’re not just about quick fixes; we delve deep into the problem, uncover the root cause, and offer durable solutions for your toilet troubles.

Get in Touch Now, Leave Your Troubles Behind!

Delaying toilet replacement or only means dealing with ongoing problems. Instead, reach out to us now for the best comprehensive toilet services. Let’s resolve those clogs and fix those leaks – together!

Customer Reviews

Rated 4.8 out of 1,882 Reviews on Google.

Kody was professional, efficient, and friendly. All the work was done well. I would recommend this company. Read More

Christopher D. August, 2023

Our tub hasn’t been draining well and last night became completely clogged. Since we just moved in, we figured we’d call a plumber this time. I picked WaterWork Plumbing to call first based on NextDoor recommendations. I think I called at 2pm and Larry arrived at 4pm. He was so nice and knowledgeable. He explained things without talking down to me like a lot of men tend to do. I’m so pleased with the service. Read More

Valarie P F. August, 2023

Very friendly and experienced Plumbers. Came the same day and solved the problem. I Highly recommend them! Read More

Laura M. July, 2023

Great experience today with Waterworks Plumbing ! They fixed 2 leaks and issues with 2 toilets. The plumber was very professional and thoroughly explained what the issue was and what he was doing to fix it. I always had an issue with hot water coming out strong enough in the shower. He noticed that and fixed that issue too ! I will be calling them again if I have other issues ! Read More

Angela W. July, 2023

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Services Offered

Large jobs or small, we do it all.

Below are a few of WaterWork Plumbing's service offerings. To see a full list of our services, check out the residential and commercial pages.

  • Backflow Testing
  • Bathroom
  • Emergency Services
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Room / Basement
  • Outdoor
  • Sewer Line & Drain Camera Inspection
  • Sump Pump
  • Water Heater
  • Abs, Pvc, Cpvc, Cast Iron & Crock Piping
  • Catch Basin & Manhole Cleaning
  • Copper Plumbing Installation
  • Drain & Waste Pipe
  • Emergency Services
  • Expansion Tanks
  • Floor Breaks & Drains
  • Roto Rooter Service
  • Water Purification Systems & Instant Hot Water Installation


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