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At Waterwork Plumbing, we specialize in video drain camera inspection in Roseville, Michigan, and sewer line inspection inĀ  Roseville, Michigan. We’ve been the local, trusted experts for over 16 years, and we’ve helped countless businesses and homeowners across Michigan. If you need local plumbers in Roseville, Michigan, give us a call today at 248-542-8022 to schedule your drain or sewer inspection.

What Is a Drain or Sewer Inspection?

This is an inspection performed by a camera on a snake line. Video cameras record the state of the drain or sewer, revealing cracks, clogs, collapsed lines, tree roots, and other problems.

When Should I Get a Sewer Inspection?

In the process of buying a new home, many people have sewer inspections completed. A sewer inspection is a good idea if your home shows signs of a sewer backup or if you’ve had sewer clogs in the past and want to know how your sewer is doing.

Why are Sewer Inspections Important?

It is not always easy to detect sewer problems. It doesn’t mean that a sewer is in good condition just because a toilet flushes and a sink drains. Unknown problems in a home’s sewer can be detected by sewer inspections before they result in major damage.

The Drain and Sewer Inspection Process

Professionally trained and skilled technicians insert a rod with a high-resolution video camera into your sewer lines to begin your sewer camera inspection. Flexible drain cameras can easily travel through sewer lines and thoroughly inspect pipes in drain lines ranging from 2 inches to 36 inches.

Using video footage, your technician can assess the condition of your sewer and drain lines in real time. Any problems will be visible on a monitor, and the footage is saved for future reference.

Your sewer pipes’ length and condition will determine how long it takes to complete a video camera inspection. The inspection should only take ten or fifteen minutes if your sewer is up to twelve feet long. A longer sewer could take longer to inspect, especially if it contains offset joints or partial collapses.

Get a Professional Drain and Sewer Inspection

Let us help you spot undetected drain or sewer problems to save you thousands in future plumbing repairs in Roseville. Call the experts for sewer line inspection in Roseville, Michigan, at 248-542-8022 today.

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  • Roto Rooter Service
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