Ensure the integrity of your water supply with comprehensive backflow testing services provided by WaterWork Plumbing, when you need a trusted plumber in Madison Heights, Michigan. We’re dedicated to protecting your property from potential water contamination by offering expert backflow inspection and testing services.

Why Choose WaterWork Plumbing for Backflow Inspection and Testing?

Experienced Backflow Plumbers: Our certified and highly trained backflow plumbers possess extensive experience in conducting thorough inspections and testing. We are well-versed in backflow prevention devices and local regulations, ensuring compliance and effective prevention of water contamination.

Comprehensive Backflow Inspection: At WaterWork Plumbing, we perform meticulous backflow inspections to identify any potential issues or vulnerabilities in your plumbing system. We assess the functionality of your backflow prevention devices and make necessary adjustments or repairs to maintain a safe water supply.

Accurate Backflow Testing: Our skilled plumbers conduct precise backflow testing to measure the effectiveness of your backflow prevention devices. By simulating different scenarios, we ensure that your system functions as intended and prevents the backflow of contaminated water into your clean water supply.

Compliance with Local Regulations: WaterWork Plumbing stays up-to-date with the latest regulations regarding backflow prevention in Madison Heights, Michigan. We ensure that your property meets all necessary requirements and assist you in obtaining any required permits or certifications.

Prompt and Reliable Service: We understand the importance of timely backflow inspection and testing to maintain a safe water supply. WaterWork Plumbing prioritizes prompt response times and efficient service. Count on our team to arrive at your property promptly and complete the necessary inspections and testing in a timely manner.

Contact WaterWork Plumbing Today for Backflow Inspection in Madison Heights, Michigan

Protect your clean water supply with professional backflow inspection and testing services from WaterWork Plumbing. Whether you need a routine inspection or suspect a backflow issue, our experienced team is ready to assist you in maintaining the integrity of your water supply.

Schedule your backflow inspection or testing appointment by contacting WaterWork Plumbing today. You can be confident in our expertise and dedication to ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your water supply.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent service and Nico was great. Very professional and explain everything. You should use Nico as your trainer for new employees. Read More

Anthony L. April, 2023

I was very impressed by the next day response time, even though my need was not urgent. Pricing was fair for the work done. Ken was very professional and friendly. I am 100% satisfied! I would happily recommend these guys and I would use them again myself. Thanks again Ken! ? Read More

Leslie A. April, 2023

WaterWork sent Nico out same day. He was excellent. Wish I had his personal number so I could contact him directly to work on my house!! Wish him the best in his journey to Master Plumber and I will be calling WaterWork in the future for other plumbing needs. Read More

Nikki H. April, 2023

Highly recommend. They were to my house within 15 minutes, efficient, and great customer service. They were so good that my sister used them too when her basement flooded. They do charge by the hour but it was so worth it! Read More

Capri J. April, 2023

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