What to Do In Case of a Plumbing Emergency

Common Plumbing Problems,

Did you know that most people call a plumber once every three years? From leaky faucets to major flooding, water can cause a lot of damage to your home if you don’t get things fixed quickly.

If a pipe breaks or a drain clogs, you need to be prepared to take action right away to prevent further damage. Keep reading and we will guide you through what to do in case of a plumbing emergency.

Stay Calm

If a pipe bursts and water is filling up in your basement, everyone will start to go into panic mode. However, you need to stay calm for everyone and take charge of the situation.

Keep a plumber’s emergency hotline as a contact in your phone for easy access. You will face an emergency plumbing situation at some point in your life, and it will be worth taking two seconds to save their phone number.

Waterwork Plumbing has a 24/7 hotline number you can call or you can chat with someone directly on their website in real-time. It is comforting knowing that there is always someone on call that is there to help you.

Turn Off What You Can

Next, you need to find the closest water source and turn it off. It would also be helpful to turn off the water heater.

If you can’t find either of these water sources or don’t feel comfortable with pushing the button to turn them off, you can wait until a professional comes. This will just be helpful to minimize or stop some of the damage.

Take Care of Smaller Leaks

Did you know leak repair can cost between $300 – $4,000? You want to try to take charge and prevent as much damage as you can.

If there are smaller leaks happening from the ceiling or wall, you should put a bucket under it to try to minimize damage to the floor or walls. You can also try to stop these leaks if possible.

Consult a Plumber

No matter how big or small the leak is, you will want to call a plumber immediately. Hiring a plumber when you first move into a home or apartment is key because you will always have them on call in case you have any issues.

A small leak can become a big leak very quickly, and when you have a plumber on the phone they can walk you through the next steps and help guide you until they get there.

Take Control of Your Plumbing Emergency

Now that you know what steps you need to take if you’re faced with a plumbing emergency, you are prepared to stay calm and take charge if there’s a water leak.

Whether the leak is big or small, you need to immediately call a plumber. You can keep damage to a minimum, but need a professional to stop and get everything fixed.

Take out your phone and save a plumbing emergency hotline or read more about the services Waterwork Plumbing has to offer when it comes to residential and commercial plumbing.