Water Heater Inspection Checklist: 3 Signs That You Might Have a Problem


Did you know that Energy.gov says that the average tank water heater will last up to 15 years?

Delaying the maintenance for your water heater isn’t ever a good idea, especially if your water heater is creeping up to being close to 15 years old. You may be wondering what is on the average water heater inspection checklist, especially if you’re unsure if your water heater is showing signs it needs to be repaired or replaced.

That’s why today, we’ve created this quick checklist to help you understand what to watch out for. Keep reading to learn more!

1. You’ve Noticed That the Hot Water Is Discolored

If when you turn on the hot water in your shower or your sink and you notice that there’s discoloration of the water, most likely you’re having a problem with your water heater.

The changing color will be caused by corrosion from the inside of the tank. Once the inside of the water heater begins to rust, it doesn’t take long for the tank to develop a leak. This leak could cause your water tank to bust, resulting in water damage throughout your entire home.

You may even notice a metallic smell or taste to the water before the water show signs of discoloration. If you notice the metallic taste or smell, but there isn’t any discoloration, have a professional inspect your water heater.

2. A Knocking Noise

If you notice that your water heater is making popping or knocking noises, this is likely from the sediment buildup that’s located at the bottom of your water heater.

As your water heater ages, a buildup of magnesium particles and calcium particles will collect on the bottom of your water heater. If not maintained, this layer of particles will create a blockage between the water in the tank and the heating elements.

With the hired help of a professional, you can save your water heater from certain damage by having the water heater flushed out. This will remove all of the sediment that collects that at the bottom of the water tank.

3. Your Water Heater Is Leaking

If you’ve found that your water heater is leaking, call the help of a professional immediately. This is because if there’s a serious enough leak, your water tank could burst at any given time.

Upon identifying a leak, you should immediately turn off the water heater. It would help if you also shut off the water valve that’s feeding water into the tank. After doing this, call a professional.

Understanding What’s on a Water Heater Inspection Checklist

By understanding what’s on a water heater inspection checklist, you can keep an eye on your water heater’s health. If you notice any suspicious noises, discolored water, or you see that your water heater is dripping, it’s time for you to call the help of a professional.

Is your water heater making any suspicious signs that it needs to be replaced? Or are you looking to hire a professional to perform maintenance? Click here to contact us today to schedule an appointment!