Top Commercial Plumbing Issues

Common Plumbing Problems,

Did you know that flushing toilets date back to the 16th century? In 1775, Alexander Cummings patented the modern flushing toilet. 

Today, toilets and plumbing are much more advanced, but so are the problems they can face. What are some common plumbing issues you should look out for? Read this guide on commercial plumbing in Detroit MI, to know what to look out for and what to do if you face a problem today! 

Clogged Drains

Hiring a plumber should be top of the list if you have clogged drains. Commercial properties in the U.S. tend to experience clogged drains more often. This is due to the large volume of waste passing through the drains. 

Plumbers in Detroit can help fix drainage systems for the kitchen and bathroom. If employees are flushing the toilet without paying attention, it could lead to clogged drains. 

Not Achieving the Right Temperature

Out of the 32.5 million businesses in the U.S., water heater issues are common. Commercial water heaters can have trouble achieving the right temperature if something goes wrong. These water heaters have to work harder to heat all the water, making them more likely to break. 

This can lead to unreliable water temperatures. Your business might require water temperatures to be at a certain temperature. A plumbing service in Detroit could help. 

Sewage Odors

Strange smells from the sewer could indicate a problem. Odors could impact the profitability of your business as well. 

Employees and potential customers could steer clear of your business. Dry pipes that clog are the leading cause of sewage odors.

Hiring a plumber to tackle this issue should be at the top of the list. They’ll fix it before the problem becomes worse. 

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can be dangerous and expensive to fix. A leak could reduce the water pressure and sometimes contaminate the water. 

It could occur because: 

  • An earthquake disrupts the ground
  • The piping is old
  • Tree roots grow into the piping underground
  • Corrosive metals eat at the pipe material 

Low Water Pressure

Blockages from mineral and sediment build-up can impact the water pressure. If the pressure regulator fails, this could also cause low water pressure. Plumbers might have recently performed work and shut off the valves. 

Quiet Leaks

Silent leaks can cause a major problem if you don’t notice them. These leaks could cause structural damage to your property over time. 

You might notice these signs: 

  • Running water sounds even when no faucets are on
  • A high utility bill due to an increase in water usage
  • Water stains on your ceiling or wall

Running Toilets

Many commercial and residential properties could experience this problem. Running toilets could lead to an increase in the utility bill. 

It could be caused by the following: 

  • Too short or long flapper chains
  • A leaky fill valve
  • A corroded or old toilet handle
  • A dysfunctional flush valve 

A Failing Sewer System

A failing sewage system could cause odors and be expensive to fix. It could also lead to other problems, such as bug and rodent infestations, foundation wall cracks, a soggy lawn, and mold.

A plumber in Detroit can replace and repair the sewer line. Plumbers can determine where the issue is coming from as well. 

Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet can cause a jump in your water bill. Common reasons include bad washers or worn gaskets. 

Replacing the washer is easy; it’s best to begin with that. If the problem is with the gaskets, that’s more difficult to fix. It’s best to hire a plumber. 

Quick Fixes Until the Plumber Arrives

Try repair tape until the plumber arrives. It can provide a temporary fix for small mid-pipe pinhole leaks. 

You’ll want to turn off the water and dry the pipe for leaks. 

For pinhole leaks, wrap multiple layers of tape around the outside of the pipe and fully cover the leak. For joints, separate the pipes with tape around the threads.

Screw two pipes together. Wrap a second layer of tape around the outside of the joint. 

Use a bandage such as a hose clamp wider than the leak. You could also use a regular clamp. 

To begin: 

  • Turn off the water and dry the pipe
  • Place the rubber over the leak
  • Place the clamp over the rubber and ensure it’s centered on the leak
  • Tighten the clamp until it’s snug to the pipe 


Epoxy will temporarily fix leaks that are larger than a pinhole. Use a two-part plumber’s epoxy. 

Wipe the pipe clean after turning it off. Mix the epoxy and fill the hole. 

Use the plumber’s tape around the repair before the epoxy cures. It can take a day for it to set.

Since it takes 24 hours, you’ll need to leave the water off. All these fixes are temporary, and you’ll need a commercial plumber near you to come and make the fixes as necessary. If not, the leak could return. 

Commercial Plumbing Detroit MI: What To Expect

This guide gives you a breakdown of common commercial plumbing problems. If you’re experiencing a problem, you’ll want to contact commercial plumbing in Detroit MI. 

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