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4 Tips for Sharing a Bathroom During Quarantine

Sharing a bathroom

Current circumstances likely require you to share relatively small quarters with several family members. 

But even if you love them deeply, fighting over bathroom time can make today’s shelter-in-place culture far more aggravating and stressful than it needs to be.

To combat that, here are four tips for sharing limited bathroom space during a quarantine.

  1. Work Out a Plan

Even the barest outline of a bathroom plan time can help alleviate problems. For example: Is there someone in the house deemed an essential employee who needs to get somewhere at a specific time? That person should receive priority over, say, a college student with a slightly more lax schedule who merely needs to make his or her way to a laptop on a dining room table.

Make sure your plan includes how to contact a reliable plumber in case anything goes haywire. Now is NOT the time to test your knowledge of advanced plumbing mechanics! 

  1. Seek Quiet Times

Is a shower first thing in the morning essential? Think about the traffic you could clear up by having a family member (or two) shower in the evening rather than clambering for more bathroom time in the morning. 

Similarly, we all operate on our own time table when it comes to … toilet-related activities. If such schedules are reasonably predictable, a little “head’s up” to the others with whom you’re sharing the bathroom might be in order.

(Insert “Sheldon Cooper bathroom schedule” joke here.)

  1. Pack Your Things and Go

One sure-fire way to generate clutter and chaos in a well-utilized bathroom is by trying to store everyone’s hair, makeup, grooming, and related items in it 24/7.

Instead, why not keep such items in a plastic carrier and take it with you for your daily ablutions? Yeah, there is something distinctly “dorm room”-y about this … but you’ll all appreciate the extra space. 

  1. Leave No Trace

If you’ve ever done any camping or hiking, you may be familiar with the phrase “leave no trace.” In a nutshell, it means that you should leave behind nothing that could serve as evidence that you were in a particular area. This is important to ensure parks and other nature spaces remain as clean as possible.

That’s a good philosophy when you’re getting ready to step out of the bathroom. If you used up the last of the toilet paper, replace it; make sure the sink holds no shavings or toothpaste splotches; keep the floor dry; etc.  

We’re Here for You

Even in these difficult times, you can rely on WaterWork’s quick service and friendly plumbing experts to address any plumbing issues you and your loved ones encounter in the shortest time possible. Need help? Contact us today! 

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