Seasonal Tips For Spring

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During the spring, winter begins to loosen its hold on the weather and the earth begins preparing for summer. It is time to take stock of winter damage to your house and plumbing. It is also the time for ‘spring cleaning’. Here are a few tips on how you can take of your homes’ plumbing during the spring.

1. Prepare for spring showers by testing your sump pump & water powered backup pumps. Pour water into the sump pump and see if it turns on. If it does, drain the water and quickly shut the back off.

2. If you have drains that you rarely use, pour some water into them to fill the P-traps. The P-traps are the curved bends at the end of the drain that prevent hazardous and foul smelling gases from entering your home.

3. Slow leaks can consume hundreds of gallons of water every year. Here is a trick to search for slow leaks. Before you go to sleep at night, check the water gauge and take the reading. When you wake up, see if the reading on the gauge has changed. If it has, then there is a leak in your home.

4. Spring is the best time to repair leaky faucets. For leak detection and repair, it is best to call in a plumber (WaterWork Plumbing in Detroit). Ask the plumber to look at all the faucets in the home just to be on the safer side.

5. Remove hard water deposits from shower heads by soaking the shower head in vinegar overnight. Later, scrub it off with a brush.

6. Corrosion and sediment deposition will reduce the life of a water heater. Flush the water heater to remove sediments and to prevent corrosion. The water heater will have a valve on the bottom which will assist you in flushing it.

For more seasonal plumbing tips for spring, please contact WaterWork Plumbing at (248) 542-8022.