Save Water in The Kitchen

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To bring water to the kitchen tap (last mile connectivity), the pumping station has to expend a lot of energy. It is only fair that we use this water carefully and take steps to conserve it. It will not only reduce your energy footprint, but will also bring down your utility bills and at the same time, conserve water. Here are a few tips to save water in the kitchen, brought to you by WaterWork Plumbing.

Fill the washing machine and the dishwasher up before you use it

Always try to fill the washing machine and the dishwasher to their full capacity before using them. Ensure that you use efficient energy and water settings. Consider a dishwasher installation because washing utensils by hand can consumer 20 gallons of water for every load, while energy efficient dishwashers can clean them with 4.5 gallons per load.

Turn the Faucet Off

When you are washing vegetables, fruits or dishes, do not keep the faucet running continuously. To wash vegetables and fruits, take some water in a bowl and wash them in it. For utensils, turn the water off when you are rubbing the utensils or keep the water flow to a minimum.

Install a Low Flow Faucet

Conventional faucets use five gallons of water every minute. Low flow faucets use only 1.5 gallons every minute.

Do Not Defrost Food With Water

Rather than using water to defrost food, plan ahead and keep the food in the fridge overnight.

Make Use of The Garbage Can More

Instead of throwing foodstuffs into the garbage disposal, use the garbage can to dispose of such items. You will not only use less water but also less energy. If possible, recycle the organic waste and feed them to your plants. For more tips on how to save water in the kitchen, please contact WaterWork Plumbing in Detroit at (248) 542-8022.