Reverse Osmosis for Clean Drinking Water

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Do you experience frequent water-related stomach complications and looking for a permanent affordable solution? You can avoid all these risks by drinking clean water from your faucet with a reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis is a procedure in which most public water systems in areas without access to safe drinking water use to provide clean drinking water. Despite the public water systems filtering the water, the system is increasingly becoming popular in most city homes with tap water. It ensures you get fresh, tasteful drinking water throughout, preventing frequent hospital visits.

If you wish to have a constant supply of clean drinking water, this guide elaborates on installing reverse water systems and their benefits.

Understanding Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process you can use to provide your family with clean drinking water. The purification process uses a synthetic lining (semi-permeable membrane) to eliminate unwanted particles or molecules like contaminants. The synthetic membrane also ensures the drinking water is free from sediments such as salt and chlorine plus microorganisms.

What is Reverse Osmosis System?

The reverse osmosis system combines several tubes and filters that clean all the impurities in water. It’s a simple system you can install at home and have enough drinking water. The system consists of reverse osmosis equipment where water filtration takes place.

The water is filtered through the semi-permeable membrane before it flows out of your faucet. However, the contaminants get washed down the drain. The reverse osmosis system uses the same technology to turn oceanic salt water into soft drinking water.

The semi-permeable membrane can eliminate any type of contaminant of varied sizes from 0.001 microns to 0.0001 microns. This ensures your water is safe for consumption as the membrane can clear bacteria or viruses. The best thing about this system is it doesn’t rely on electricity, and the filters can filter out most invisible particles in water.

How Reverse Osmosis System Works

The reverse osmosis system borrowed some concepts from osmosis. Remember, in your high school biology osmosis is a process where molecules move from a low-concentrated solution to a highly concentrated region. This continuous process happens through a permeable membrane until both sides have equal concentration levels.

A reverse osmosis system uses this to help filter out dirty water. It’s a process where higher pressure pushes the water molecules from the highly concentrated water (contaminated water) into a weaker solution (clean water).

During this process, the semi-permeable membrane filters out the contaminants in the water. The pressure applied in this system overcomes the osmotic pressure moving the water from the highly concentrated contaminants area to that of low contaminant concentration.

However, reverse osmosis doesn’t use thermal energy. Instead, it relies on the high-pressure amount, which helps create balance.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis System

Since drinking clean water is beneficial, you must install a reverse osmosis system. Some of the benefits of having the system at home are the following:

Fresh, Clean Water With no Contaminants

A reverse osmosis system will help provide clean and fresh water to your home. It achieves this by eliminating all types of contaminants in water. Reverse osmosis can help remove 99% of lead, asbestos and other contaminants in water, which is a health risk. It can also filter out bacteria and viruses in water within no time.

Makes Work Easier

Unlike before, where most homes relied on boiling water, the reverse osmosis system doesn’t. Instead, it uses a filter you can install in your tap to filter out the contaminants. This reduces your workload at home and saves time. Remember, once you have the system at home, you don’t do anything to get clean drinking water except open the tap and quench your thirst.


The reverse osmosis system is also environment-friendly. It does not require the use of fuel like in the case of boiling water saving the environment. Additionally, it doesn’t require using plastic water bottles to store or carry the water.

Instead, you can get clean drinking water directly from the faucet. So, you will not have many water bottles at home that you will dispose of. This reduces environmental pollution and less production of water bottles.

Energy Efficiency

Additionally, you will also not spend money on energy bills when using the reverse osmosis system. This is because the system doesn’t use electricity, unlike other water filtration methods that fully rely on power connections. The reverse osmosis system depends on water pressure in your home to work effectively.

Provides Constant Clean Drinking Water

Your house will constantly flow clean drinking water without doing much. There is no need to refill your water tank to have the reverse osmosis system work and supply your house with clean water. All you need is to have our experts insert the system directly into your faucet and get a constant clean drinking water supply.

Saves Money

Moreover, you will no longer buy drinking water from the shops as you have yours at home. Plus no additional energy bills as it doesn’t require electricity to work. Ultimately, you will have a cheaper water supply and save some cash for other home use.

Provides Your Home with Mineral-Less Water

At times having mineral-less water at home is necessary. It allows you to use the water for some house chores like cooking.

Most chefs prefer using filtered water as it makes their food much tastier. This can be attributed to the lack of minerals like fluoride in the water.

The water from the reverse osmosis system also facilitates fish (pet) farming. Having clean water in the home aquariums enables the fish to live longer.

Work With WaterWork Plumbing to Install Your Reverse Osmosis System

Having a reverse osmosis system at home will save you from some headaches like frequent stomach problems. It will also help you save time, money, and energy, and it’s easy to install and use. The good thing about the system is you don’t have to keep refilling your tank as it’s fixed directly on the faucet.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the reverse osmosis system, look for our plumbers in Detroit. WaterWork Plumbing can work on your residential or commercial property to provide you with clean drinking water. Our professionals have years of experience, offer 24/7 services, and can repair your system.