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How to Prepare for the Next Big Flood

The Michigan flood of 2014.

Five years ago this August 11, some areas in metro Detroit received 4 to 6 inches of rain over just four hours. It stands as the second-heaviest rainfall ever recorded — topped only by a similar rainfall back in 1925.

Wayne, Southern Oakland and Macomb counties received the brunt of the flooding. Many residents communities within those areas suffered. Warren, for example, estimated more than $230 million in property damage as a result of the flooding that resulted.

Fortunately, the area hasn’t seen anything close to such a water-related disaster. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen again, though. In the event it does, here are several suggestions to help prepare for, and minimize damage from, a recurrence.

Make sure you have a flood insurance policy. This one’s a must since your homeowner’s policy does not cover flooding. (It isn’t just you; none of them include flooding.)

Know your surroundings. Living in an area with a low or moderate flood risk makes you five times likelier to experience a flood than a fire in your home over the next 30 years, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Not sure if your area is at risk? You can check here.

Address current water weak points. Carefully inspect downspouts, windows, grading issues, and other elements that might contribute to a wet basement. Taking care of this smaller stuff now may pay dividends when the water gets stronger down the road.

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Consider having a backwater valve installed by a qualified plumber. This device prevents sewage from flowing back into your house if a heavy rainfall overwhelms city sewer lines and causes sewage to flow back to your home.

Store important materials in waterproof containers. Check out these reviews for storage bins to find the one for you. Place the container(s) on elevated shelves rather than stacked on the floor. If space allows, store that material on a higher level in the home.

Keep emergency supplies in your vehicle. During the 2014 flood, many people were stranded in or near their vehicles when water made roadways impassable. Keeping an emergency kit in your car can help you cope with such situations, Click here for a complete list of recommended items.

Be Protective By Being Proactive

There’s no way to predict when the next flood event will occur. In light of that, it’s best to prepare now. WaterWork Plumbing can help with an inspection — once per year is recommended — as well as by making key improvements such as a backwater valve, sump pump installation or maintenance, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and consultation.

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