How To Choose the Best Plumbing Company in Detroit


Are you tired of experiencing the same issues with your home’s plumbing system? Do you wish there were a person you could call for any of your plumbing needs? If so, then you need to learn how to find the best plumbing company in Detroit.

Although there are many options out there, you want to learn how to choose a plumber that fits your needs. Rather than hiring the first one that you come across, you should refine your search and learn more about the service.

See below for a guide on how you can find local plumbers that can answer your every need.

1. Use Digital Resources

All the information that you need to find a great plumbing company in Detroit is in the palm of your hand—literally! These days, you can pull out your phone, open your internet browser, and scan through different local plumbers near you.

When searching for Detroit plumbers, you want to make sure you find one with a proven track record of success. We recommend looking for a plumbing company, not just a one-off plumber. Companies hold their plumbers to a higher standard, give them consistent training, run background checks before they hire them, etc. This will ensure a high-quality service for your home.

When you search for a trusted plumbing company, there are two ways you can take a deeper dive into their service: read through online reviews or customer testimonials. The customer testimonials can be found on their site.

To find online reviews, be sure to search for the name of the plumbing company on Google. You can read the reviews that pop up on Google itself, or through trusted review sites like Yelp, Foursquare, and so on.

Your primary focus should be reading the comments that were left behind. These are the voice of previous clients that will help you determine whether or not the plumbing service is worth your time.

2. Consider Your Needs

You won’t have an issue finding a plumbing company in Detroit with high customer reviews and ratings, but can they fulfill your needs? Do they have services that solve your problem?

For example, you might come across a company with a 5-star rating average, then come to find out they only provide commercial plumbing services. They don’t offer residential services for their clients. Now it’s back to the drawing board.

Once you find a service with great customer reviews, do a little more digging on their site. Learn more about their services. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself along the way:

  • Do they offer the type of service I need?
  • What areas/communities do they serve?
  • What areas of your house or commercial building can they tend to?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do their services provide a high return on your investment?
  • How do they ensure high customer service?

Here at Waterwork Plumbing, we’re focused on delivering the best service for the Detroit area. We’ve been serving the community since 2006, and deliver high customer service, 24/7 service, and pricing that’s friendly to your budget

3. Give Them a Call

Once the plumbing company has passed the eye test, it’s time to assess their communication skills. Give them a call and tell them about the setbacks that you’re experiencing. 

Pay special attention to the way they communicate with you. Do they take the time to answer your question thoroughly? Are they describing the problem and solutions in ways that you understand?

If you get on the phone and all they’re doing is being short-worded and using plumbing jargon, then you should cross them off of your list. Credible plumbing services look to take care of their customers and start building a business relationship with them.

4. Look for Insurance

Believe it or not, there are risks associated with any service that your plumbing company performs. Risks that could lead to injury, property damage, and other unforeseen accidents. That’s why your plumbing service must have proper business insurance in place.

Don’t hesitate to ask the plumbing service about their insurance. Those that have them are more than happy to shine some light on it. Make sure they have policies for business liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. You might also want to find someone with umbrella insurance.

Business liability insurance will cover any damage related to the service performed. Workers’ compensation covers any costs associated with injuries that occurred during the service. Without hiring a company that has insurance in place, you might be the one held financially liable. Don’t put that at risk.

5. Ask for an Estimate

After the plumbing company in Detroit checks all of the boxes, it’s time to ask for an estimate. Some plumbers will give you an estimate over the phone, but remember that they can’t give you a solid quote until they visit your property.

For that reason, we recommend scheduling an initial in-property visit. Let them assess the problem for themselves so they can give you an accurate quote. 

Make sure to understand the details of the quote you receive. Are the new parts included? How much is labor? Are there any additional fees they add on at the end? 

Find the Best Plumbing Company in Detroit for Your Needs

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to find the best plumbing company in Detroit, be sure to use this guide to your advantage.

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