Drain Cleaning in Detroit, Michigan

Kitchen Drains

When you consider everything that disappears down the kitchen sink, it’s no wonder the drain is blocked occasionally. Grease, food scraps, detergent — as they accumulate in the drain, it’s an ongoing battle for space in the pipes to keep liquid flowing down and away.

Bathroom Drains

Hair, shampoo, and debris tends to build up in the sink and tub drains after awhile, causing water to drain slowly or blocking the drain altogether. If you hear a stuttering sound, there might be something caught in the pipe further down.


A clog in the toilet might be near the top or it could be further down the line. We have the specialized equipment and tools needed to find the location and clear it out.

Sewer Line Drain Cleaning

Are you starting to notice that one fixture is responding to another — for example, the toilet gurgles when water drains in the bathroom sink? If you’re experiencing multiple drains backing up at the same time, notice water pooling around drains, or detect strong odors around drains or in the yard, drainage problems might extend beyond the kitchen or bathroom. You might need more comprehensive drain cleaning to prevent collateral damage to other parts of the house system.
No matter where the problem lies, we’ll find the source of the issue, clear it, and restore your pipes and drains to working order. We use innovative and powerful equipment to investigate the problem and clear it out with minimal disturbance to your household — — leaving you and your family free to get on with your day.

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