Clogged Toilet & Toilet Repair in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Clogged Toilets

You have probably experienced a clogged toilet or two in your life so far. One of the most common plumbing problems in the house, a clogged toilet presents a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. While most homeowners know how to wield a plunger, that won’t always do the job.
Blockages in the toilet are usually caused by too much toilet tissue at one time, or trying to flush objects that shouldn’t be flushed. Toys, paper towels, diapers, and hairdressing items are just a few examples of clogging culprits we’ve retrieved for customers.

If your toilet can’t be unclogged quickly, call our company. We have specialized equipment to find the blockage and extract it with minimal fuss. We can also quickly diagnose if there’s a more serious problem than a stray object in the works.

Toilet Repair

Weak flushing action, a toilet that’s constantly running or that flushes itself at random intervals, and leaks — these are common issues we deal with for customers, but not the only ones. We’ll investigate the components that keep the toilet in business and replace and repair as needed to get it operating to its optimal condition.

Toilet Replacement

Occasionally you might want to replace the toilet, whether it’s from necessity, a remodeling project or taking advantage of advanced, water-efficient technology that will save you money. We’ll work with you to find the toilet that works for your needs, at a price you like. We take pride in quality installations, performed quickly and we guarantee our work.

Expert, Fast, Affordable

Don’t let problems with your toilet get you down. Call us for expert, fast, and affordable service that gets your most important bathroom fixture functioning reliably. Whether it’s an emergency or for expertise in plumbing solutions, we’re here to help.

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