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The Benefits of Running an Annual Home Plumbing Inspection

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Annual home plumbing inspections offer several benefits that many homeowners don’t think about. Unbeknownst to them, it’s smart to get an annual plumbing inspection that investigates every aspect of your home’s plumbing system. The following are some of the benefits that can come from having a plumbing inspection performed each year.

A Home Plumbing Inspection Helps You Save Time

Leaks and clogged pipes often develop slowly. One day, your bathroom sink drains perfectly. Over time, the drain can collect debris that slows its drainage time. You may not notice because the process happens so slowly. One morning, though, the drain completely stops working, leaving you without a way to use your sink.

A plumbing inspection will catch this problem early so it doesn’t disrupt your morning routine.

Your inspection will include much more than checking drainage pipes for potential clogs. Professional plumbers will also inspect your home to make sure all of your plumbing works correctly. By having someone perform an inspection, your day won’t get derailed by plumbing problems.

Your Home Plumbing Inspection Could Save You Money

Home plumbing inspections can help you save quite a bit of money by detecting small problems before they turn into major issues that cost a lot to repair.

For example, it can cost thousands of dollars to fix a broken sewage pipe. The repair will likely cost you $1,000 to $2,000. In addition, you have to spend several thousand moreĀ getting your property cleaned. A broken sewage pipe can leak into your lawn for weeks before you recognize the problem. Suddenly, you discover that your lawn has turned into a marsh made of sewage.

Cleaning a sewage-filled yard requires a lot of preparation and safety materials. The bill for cleaning the yard will add up quickly.

If you get an annual plumbing inspection, then your plumber will notice that the sewage pipe shows signs of wear and tear. Instead of letting the pipe break and cause a huge mess, you can have your plumber fix the problem under controlled circumstances.

Having a plumber replace your sewage line will still cost $1,000 to $2,000, but you get to avoid the additional expense of having your property cleaned. Of course, you will also avoid having a smelly yard that makes you feel embarrassed and nauseated.

Annual home plumbing inspections can reveal all types of problems. By getting the problems fixed now, before they have a chance to cause serious damage, you can save thousands of dollars.

An Inspection Can Help You Avoid Plumbing Problems

Even inexpensive plumbing problems can cause a lot of stress and disruption. An annual home plumbing inspection will help you avoid situations like:

  • Failed water heaters
  • Low water pressure
  • Running toilets
  • Clogged toilets and sinks
  • Leaking pipes

During your inspection, a certified plumber will investigate every possible problem with your home’s plumbing. If, for instance, your water heater’s pressure valve shows signs of aging, you can get it replaced now so your water heater will continue to work as expected.

The earlier you have a plumber diagnose your plumbing problem, the easier it is to find a low-cost solution that doesn’t disrupt your life.

You don’t have to wait for a serious problem before you call a plumber for help. By getting an annual inspection, you can avoid the headache and expense of sudden leaks, clogs and even more serious plumbing issues.

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