Bathroom Installation & Remodeling in Detroit, Michigan

Fixtures and Fittings

Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of the latest trends in bathroom fixtures and fittings. We will help you decide where to devote your resources, according to your own priorities.

Choosing fixtures and fittings for a new bathroom? We’ll give you the complete rundown on the latest styles in fixtures, what features to look for, and which innovations will stand the test of time.

When you don’t want to dive into a complete remodel, we offer plenty of choices in simple retrofits to the faucets and showerheads that save water, work like a dream, and add fresh style to the room.

Ready to go for it? We’ll work with you on planning a bathroom that makes sense for your household.

Pipes and Supply Lines

Our certified technicians perform complex plumbing installations for new construction and renovations. The result is an installation that’s cost-effective –without cutting corners — and meets residential and commercial code.

We’ll let you know where you can save costs, and where it’s worth spending a little extra.

Moisture and Ventilation

We understand how the bathroom fits into the overall system of the house. That means we know that the choices you make in ventilation and materials affect the long-term performance of the bathroom re-model — and that could impact the rest of the house.

Our company will provide you with the best products for ensuring no surprises down the line, at a price that suits your budget.

Solid Advice, Quality Work

We’re here to help — providing you with the information you need about those issues that arise during the bathroom installation or remodel, with advice and quality of work that guarantees your project will be successful. Let’s get started!

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