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All You Need To Know About Bathtub To Shower Conversions

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While some people prefer to relax in a hot bath, others rather prefer the benefits that a shower has to offer. You get to feel refreshed as you are using clean water the entire time, and showering often takes less time than a bath. There are some homes that incorporate both a shower and a bathtub, but this is not always possible. When space is limited, only one of these facilities is usually appropriate in the bathroom. If you currently have a bathtub, you might want to convert it to a shower. We talk about all of the most important factors to consider when you want to do this type of conversion.

Benefits Of A Bathtub Shower Conversion

There are several reasons why you might want to consider converting your bathtub into a walk-in shower. One of the most common reasons is convenience. When you want to take a bath, it’s a whole process where you first have to open the tap and wait for the water to fill the bathtub.

With a shower, you simply open up the tap, and you take a shower. There is no need to wait for any area to fill up with water before you can clean yourself.

Many people also find that showers are great for small bathrooms. It immediately makes the bathroom seem bigger. Other than these factors, you are also likely to find that you use less water with a shower compared to a bathtub. The amount of water you save depends on how long you shower, as well as the showerhead you use. On average, you’ll need to shower with the tap fully open for 10 minutes to use as much water as a bathtub.

How Does A Bathroom Shower Conversion Work?

When you decide to proceed with this type of conversion, it is important to understand how the process works. Most people will not attempt this as a DIY project, but if you have some construction experience, there are a couple of steps that you can take.

The process starts by analyzing your current bathtub – including its size and position in the bathroom. You also need to know what you expect the end result to be before you implement any steps. This includes choosing the type of shower you want to add to the space your bathtub currently occupies.

There are a couple of different shower types, so you will need to filter through them and find one that fits this space and your preferences. Budget is also something to keep in mind when choosing a type of shower. If you have a relatively large bathtub, then you may consider using a classic walk-in shower design.

The process generally involves the following steps when converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower:

  • It starts with the removal of the bathtub first. The specific process entirely depends on the type of bathtub you currently have. Freestanding bathtubs are generally easy to remove. If you have a built-in bathtub with walls and tiles, then the process is more time-consuming and destructive. There are cases where you may need to break out a piece of the wall, depending on the positioning of the tub.
  • Once the tub is removed, a restoration process is required for the area where your tub was located. This may include restoring a part of the wall and the installation of new tiles. If you want to adjust the aesthetics of the area, then this is a good time to do so.
  • During the process, you should also consider how the plumbing will work with the new shower. While you already have plumbing, the outlets and valves are too low for a shower. Plumbers in Detroit can help to adjust the position by installing new pipes.
  • After the restoration process and prepping of the area, the next step is to install the shower system. This includes fitting the shower head, as well as the faucets. You also need to ensure you use an enclosure, which may consist of a curtain or glass.

How Much Does A Bathtub Shower Conversion Cost?

Several factors can impact the cost associated with this conversion. Make sure you are aware of the costs beforehand, as this ensures you are better prepared for the implementation of the project.

Some of the most important factors that affect the overall cost include:

  • How complex the plumbing modifications will be? Sometimes, they can simply be moved, but there are times when you need the plumbing to be redone.
  • The structure of the bathtub you are taking out. Built-in bathtubs cause more destruction when you remove them, which increases the cost to restore the area.
  • The type of finishes you want to add to the shower if you prefer not to keep the existing tiles in the area.
  • The enclosure that you decide to opt for and the overall style that you prefer.

What To Consider When Converting

Size is something very important to keep in mind when you convert from a bathtub to a shower. Make sure you measure the area where the bathtub is located, but it’s not necessary to use the entire space. It is recommended to have a shower space that measures at least 36 inches on each side, but you can choose between rectangular and square shapes.

If there is a window near your bathtub, then it’s a good idea to move the shower a bit so that the window is not inside the stall. Windows collect water, which can lead to mildew and mold, both considered potential health hazards. Furthermore, a window may also cause problems with privacy when someone is using the shower.


The process of converting a bathtub to a shower is not always straightforward, but it can still give you added convenience in your home. If the task seems daunting, consider calling professionals to help you with the conversion. WaterWork Plumbing offers plumbers in Detroit that are skilled at bathtub shower conversion projects, as well as a wide range of other topics. We can help you understand your options better and initiate the conversion using the right standards.

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