4 Faucet Trends for 2019

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Faucet trends for 2019 include an exciting mix of the past, present, and future. (And if you happen to like brass, you’re in luck!)

Want to know what’s happening in the faucet style world for 2019? You’re in luck: we’ve examined the landscape and put together a list of four faucet trends to consider for 2019 and beyond.

Faucet Finishes Earn a “B”

While many people still seek black matte faucet finishes, bronze and brass are leading the pack. And in case you’re wondering: yes, apparently you’re not allowed to consider a finish that does not begin with the letter “B.”

Coordination is Key

You’ve probably seen the commercials: a couple finds a beautiful faucet and then asks an architect to build a home around it. It’s a bit of a stretch, for sure, but no one is overlooking faucets anymore when considering the design of the room in which it will reside. Floors and walls are expected to work well with the space’s hardware, be it bronze, brass, chrome, or any other finish.

The Faucets Are Getting Smarter, Too

It isn’t enough that our toilets may one day be smarter than us; now, faucets are getting in on the act. The water conservation benefits here are a good enough reason to consider a smart faucet, though.

Here’s why. Calculate how much water you waste turning on the water in the sink, adjusting it to a particular temperature (if required), washing your hands, and then turning the water off. Now imagine how much water you’d be able to save if the faucet detected your hands, turned on at a pre-set temperature, and then turned off immediately when you pull your hands away.

Get one of these and you might receive a “Thank you” card from a fish.

Looks Matter

Cool never goes out of style. That may be why non-traditional but nevertheless cool faucet styles are meriting second — and third and fourth — looks. Among them: waterfall faucets (exemplified by a scoop-like spout) and wall-mounted faucets. The latter is part of a lead toward a more industrial look gaining favor. Also gaining favor: finishes resistant to smudges and spots.

A Faucet is Just the Beginning

Regardless of which trend intrigues you the most, odds are it’ll be one of the least expensive factors if your goal for the year is a serious remodeling project.

Planning on a kitchen remodel? The national average is at around $23,000. Maybe your big project this year is a bathroom remodel. The national average for that one is about $10,000.

If those numbers sound high, here’s one that’ll really hit you: The home remodeling price tag for just the first quarter of the year is expected to come in at nearly $340 billion.

Since your annual income is likely less than the national GDP of most countries, be sure to shop around for the faucet that best meets yours — and your family’s — needs. Then contact WaterWork Plumbing for any help you need installing it, or for any other plumbing support.